The carpet, the dust mite and we

The carpet, the dust mite and we

Carpet cleaning is an extremely complex, multi-step, high-maintenance required activity. It is important to clean carpets not only to remove surface dirt and stains, but also to remove dust, dust mites and other things from them. The cause of a dust allergy is a dust mite, or rather, the dried, airborne feces of this microscopic organism. This small spiderish specie occurs in every household on a smaller or larger scale and unfortunately, we will never get rid of them completely (because that would require the creation of completely sterile conditions in our home and let’s face it, it’s almost impossible). But we can reduce their numbers considerably.


szőnyegtakarítás porszívózás
Vacuuming. Needed, but not always enough.


In addition, we will need a high-performance vacuum cleaner – and lot of willpower to reduce the amount of allergens in your home with regular and thorough cleaning.



What can be done about it? Solutions and practices!

Dust mites prefer relatively humid (65-80% humidity), warm places, so for allergy sufferers the best if you moderate humidity and a home temperature to 18-20 celsius degrees. Ventilate often! It is not necessary to remove all textiles from the apartment, but they often need to be washed and cleaned, so their material should be appropriate (also applies to carpets). Bedding covers made of allergen-impermeable material can also do a good service, and dust mites cannot settle on leather and imitation leather upholstery. If possible, dust should be wiped daily with a damp cloth and vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner with a hepa filter. The use of a hepa-filter vacuum cleaner, dusting and frequent washing of textiles reduces the amount of allergic mite feces quite well.

Or contact us and we will solve it for you!

We clean the carpet, we clean the apartment! You can deal with what is important to you!

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