10 hacks for easier ironing

10 hacks for easier ironing

I can’t promise that these hacks will make ironing any more fun, but they’ll at least make it easier!

Ironing has never been one of anyone’s favorite chores, but sometimes it’s simply unavoidable. So we thought we’d try to find a few ironing tips that make the process easier for you.

1. Use Your Dryer

If you need to smooth out a few items of clothing that are only lightly wrinkled, skip the iron and use your dryer! Use a spray bottle of water to dampen the items, then toss them in your dryer for a few minutes. The heat of your dryer will cause the moisture on the clothes to turn to steam, and those wrinkles will fall right out. Throw those clothes on, and you’ll be ready for anything!

2. Spritz Your Shirts

For super crisp dress shirts, some people swear by using a water bottle to spritz a shirt while ironing. Many steam irons have a spray function, which would work just as well! The additional moisture helps to smooth out wrinkles with less effort, and leaves shirts super smooth.

3. Wash Smaller Loads

Doing smaller loads of laundry allows your clothes to tumble more freely in the dryer. The steam and heat have more room to pass evenly throughout your clothes, helping to reduce wrinkles overall. So smaller loads = less ironing!


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That’s important that how you wash your clothes before ironing


4. Hang Clothes Up ASAP

Once your clothes are done drying, hang them up as soon as possible (preferably immediately!) This simple step can really cut down on the amount of ironing you have to do. The clothes will still be warm enough that wrinkles won’t have “set in” yet, and gravity will help take care of the rest!

5. Shake It Out

When you’re transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer, give each item a quick shake. A good shake helps to untwist and untangle your clothes, so they’ll have a better chance of coming out of the dryer wrinkle-free.

6. Iron In Order

Organize your items from delicate and less-wrinkled, to sturdier and more-wrinkled before ironing. Before you start ironing check the laundry symbols on the tag to make sure the clothing item can be ironed. Your iron will heat up more as you go, meaning your iron will be the perfect heat level for what you’re ironing at the time. No more waiting for the iron to cool down part-way through your ironing! You’d be surprised at how much time you’ll save this way!

7. Say No To Circles

Ironing in circular motions is a no-no! It scratches the fabric and can ruin the fit of your clothes. Instead, use long parallel strokes in one direction to avoid stretching the fabric.


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Say no to circural moves


8. Say Yes To Steam

If it feels like you’re ironing forever and the wrinkles are still there, crank up the steam on your iron! Steam is the natural enemy of wrinkles, and you’ll find that with more steam, those wrinkles will disappear in record time.

9. Check Your Board

Having a good ironing board is almost as important as having a good iron! A good ironing board makes the whole chore easier, and less likely that you’ll keep putting it off.

10. Clean Your Iron

A dirty iron plate can discolor your clothes and snag fabrics, and no one wants that! So if your iron plate is looking a bit rusty or scorched, it’s time to give your iron a good cleaning.

If these lifehacks doesn’t work, we’re happy to help!

Profession is a need to iron, but of course practice makes it to perfection. We didn’t start it today!

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