This is how to clean the washing machine without chemicals

This is how to clean the washing machine without chemicals

We’ve gathered the most important steps in six points so you don’t have to call a mechanic before it should be necessary and don’t have to fight against limescale, unpleasant odors, or mold. A washing machine is an expensive stuff, and if one is preparing to buy a new one, one will try to choose one that does not smoke after the two-year warranty expires.

There is a lot we can do to make our washing machine last longer.

1. Clean the filter!

Beginner housewives tend to forget about the washing machine filter, which is usually well hidden from the eyes by designers. It is worth rinsing this under a tap of water every few months and taking out the accumulated dirt, which consists mainly of lint from the clothes.

2. Leave open the door of washing machine!

Always leave the washing machine door open at least a gap between two washes to allow it to ventilate to prevent mold from settling in the wet corners or rusting inside.

3. Keep the detergent dispenser clean!

It is equally important to keep the detergent dispenser clean, at least we can see this when the detergent stucks in it and starts to grow. If we do not remove it, it can mold and clogging can prevent detergents from entering the drum. For this reason, you should check the dispenser at the time of purchase whether it is easily accessible or not. There are some types where it is impossible to access the inside of the dispenser, in this case we can soak it in hot, vinegar water for a longer period of time for prevention the earlier mentioned things.


Figyelj a mosószer adagolóra

Detergent is also important and you have to take care about the dispenser too


4. Colored dress? Lower temperature!

For several reasons, it is worth washing at a lower temperature, especially colored clothes, so we consume less energy, can save us some money and also put less strain on the environment. Sometimes, however, it is also worth starting a wash at 90 degrees for the sake of the washing machine, so that not only the clothes but also the inside of the washing machine can be disinfected and the subsidences can be destroyed.

5. Sometimes you need a cleansing washing!

It is a good idea to start a cleansing washing without clothes by choosing a long program and adding the highest temperature, then pour a liter of 20 percent vinegar into the drum to start the wash. Many swear to use a small dose of vinegar instead of a rinse aid, which we can combine with essential oils to our liking. Not only it is cheaper than rinse aids, but it is also used against limescale, bacteria and mold too. And its smell can’t be felt on the clothes at all.


Vízkő és a tisztító mosás

Limescale can completely destroy the washing machine


6. Keep it clean!

If there is still visible dirt in the small corners even after the cleaning wash, let’s beat it with a toothbrush. We can strengthen it with a little vinegar added to water or if you are facing very stubborn subsidences, you may want to try a wash with trisalt, which is also used in foods to prevent stickyness. Trisalt used to work in cleaning products as well, but because it causes algae in the waters, it is no longer used in industrial quantities. If you’re struggling with non-removable mold, then maybe only the professional mold-control stuffs can help the situation bought from specific stores.

Have you already had trouble with your washing machine?

We’ll wash for you so you don’t have to deal with it. You’ll get everything back clean, ironed and folded!

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