6 tips to save time for kitchen cleaning

6 tips to save time for kitchen cleaning

6 cleaning tips for the kitchen to save time. With these little tricks, you can quickly and efficiently make your kitchen shiny and clean again.

Kitchen utensils are in constant use, no wonder they need to be cleaned more often as well. Especially in the current situation when it was not possible to replace the kitchen activity with a visit to a good restaurant. Since the terraces are now open, we have good weather on us, now we have the opportunity to set aside cooking for a bit. That’s why we should make the chores done with these practices fast, yet effectively!

1. Trick about water with detergent

Yes, on any cutlery the leftovers can quickly dry on. Don’t bother with scrubbing, rather soak spoons, forks and knives in some water with detergent for a while and then rinse them. It is that simple!

2. Shiny refrigerator

We can clean the inside of the fridge simply and easily: put the shelves in the dishwasher and it will do the dirty work for us. While the dishwasher is running, wipe the inside of the refrigirator with a cloth soaked in water and vinegar. That is all!

3. Microwave cleaning with lemon

Instead of getting into cleaning, scrubbing the dried dirts in the microwave, let’s take this tip: put the juice of two freshly squeezed lemons in 2dl of water, then start the microwave for two minutes. Let the steam do the work. After the microwave has stopped, wipe the inside. It will be spotlessly clean without any effort!


mikrótakarítás citrommalNot only will it be clean, but even its scent will be pleasant


4. Put newspaper on top of the refrigerator

Do open shelving systems dominate the kitchen? Is the fridge stays alone itself? Could the top be wiped every two days because it’s always dusty? Put newspaper on it, and if we find it dusty, simply replace it with a new one.

5. Oven cleaning differently

Lubricate the inside of the oven with baking soda mixed with water and vinegar, then let it stand overnight. The next day, all we have to do is wipe it out. Dirt and grime is gone now!


sütőtakarítás másképpThis makes cleaning the oven so easy that the smile is real


6. Keep the cleaning materials in one place

It’s better to have everything on hand: the cleaning materials should be in one place so we can clean more efficiently and faster in the event of a major accident in the kitchen.

Use and enjoy your time on yourselves!

Enjoy these times, eat delicious foods in your favorite restaurants, but also take care of yourself and each other. We take care of the rest!

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