General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the agreements between Wishy Washy Laundry LLC (hereinafter: Laundry) and its Customers.

1. Formation of the agreement and place of performance

The place of the formation of the agreement and the place of performance is the location where the representative of the Laundry takes over the subject matter of the service from the Customer and undertakes to perform the service.

2. The services of the Laundry and their prices

2.1. The various services and their respective prices are displayed on the pricelist available on the Laundry’s website (www.wishywashy.hu) and its Facebook profile page (https://www.facebook.com/WishyWashyMosoda/).

2.2. By ordering the service, the Customer accepts the effective terms and conditions as specified on the pricelist on the day of ordering the service. Acceptance of the Washing protocol (see Section 3.2.) or a receipt/invoice with equivalent content by the Customer qualifies as an order.

2.3. The services provided by the Laundry shall be paid for in cash or with credit/bank card upon delivery.

2.4. Among the services provided by the Laundry, shoe repairs, clothing repairs as well as dry-cleaning and clothing repairs are performed by partner contractors. The partner contractors (hereinafter: Contractor) provide services under the following terms and conditions.

The services shall be ordered through the Laundry (via telephone and website), the representative of the Laundry shall take over the subject matter of the service from the Customer and shall deliver it back on completion of service.

In case of carpet cleaning – especially in case of large carpets – the carpet delivery is performed by the Contractor – as ordered by the Laundry – by the Contractor’s own means of transportation. The service shall be ordered and payment settled through the Laundry.

2.4.1. Shoe repairs

The Contractor performs the service according to the Customer’s preference and in a workmanlike manner at all times.

In case of complaint, the Contractor takes the rightful claim into consideration and satisfies such request.

The Contractor is responsible for the quality of the material used.

In case the Customer’s request is unworkmanlike, the Contractor informs the Customer of that through the Laundry. In case, however, the Customer insists on its preference, the Contractor shall fulfil the request upon the Customer’s responsibility.

The Contractor is not responsible for the quality of the material provided by the Customer.

The Contractor takes responsibility for the performed service.

The deadline commitment for shoe repairs is 72 hours from the time of order placement, which may vary depending on the quantity of the items to be repaired.

2.4.2. Clothing repairs

As part of the clothing repair service, the Contractor is entitled – at the Customer’s expense and at the prices displayed on the washing and dry-cleaning pricelists – to clean the dirty, disgusting items and items that can contaminate other clothing items, machines or equipment before the repair is started. The cleaning time is not part of the deadline commitment. The Contractor shall define the extent of contamination and the need for any cleaning. Before starting the cleaning, the Contractor shall attempt to contact the Customer on the telephone number provided by the Customer.

The Contractor does not undertake underwear repairs for hygiene reasons.

The deadline commitment for clothing repairs is 72 hours from the time of order placement, which may vary depending on the quantity of the items to be repaired.

2.4.3. Carpet cleaning

The Contractor warrants the cleaning of the carpet. However, the Contractor shall not be liable in case the carpet gets torn, worn through, fades or discolours due to poor colour retention during the cleaning if such case is caused by the wear, age, hidden defect, soak, mould, previous improper handling or moth-eating of the carpet.

The Contractor does not take any responsibility for soaked, moulded, moth-eaten, seamless carpets and carpets lacking handling (washing) instruction labels, but takes such carpets over solely on the Customer’s own responsibility.

Carpets wider than 3 metres can only be washed by the Contractor folded, and the Contractor will not accept any Customer complaints arising from creasing. The Customer acknowledges that the Contractor uses environment-friendly, approved cleaning products. The efficiency of these products is very high; in case however, it should require some not environment-friendly and more aggressive cleaning products to remove the stain, the Contractor shall not apply such products in case of the Customer’s express instruction not to do so.

The Contractor shall make every reasonable effort to clean the entrusted carpets with the best possible results; however, the Contractor cannot guarantee removal of stains.

The Customer acknowledges that a minimal change in size (up to 2-4%) can occur in case of wool carpets.

The Customer acknowledges that in case of carpets smaller than 1 m2, the Contractor will charge the price of the complete square metre, and in case of carpets of round, oval or other shapes, the Contractor will charge the price of the area corresponding to a square or a rectangle of the same size.

Heavily contaminated, blemished or stained carpets are cleaned at an extra charge of 300 Ft/m2.

The extra charge for odour removal is 300 Ft/m2.

Home delivery covers delivery to the entrance of the house and does not cover taking the carpets upstairs.

In case the Customer is not available at the takeover site at the time of delivery, the Customer shall pay to the representative of the Laundry the delivery fee defined by the Contractor at the time of the second delivery. (In case of free delivery, only the fee for the second delivery shall be paid, and in case delivery is subject to payment, the fees for both delivery attempts shall be paid.)

In case the Customer does not take the goods over at the second delivery either, the Contractor shall keep the goods for two months. The Contractor is entitled for a daily storage fee of 100 Ft/carpet from the day of unsuccessful delivery or after the expiration of deadline for cleaning in case of carpet delivery by the Customer.

After two months, the Contactor is entitled to sell the carpet, offer it for charity purposes, or otherwise utilise it.

The Contractor will accept any Customer complaints within 48 hours from the handover of the cleaned carpet.

The deadline commitment for carpet cleaning is 72 hours from the time of order placement, which may vary depending on the quantity of the items to be repaired.

2.4.4. Dry-cleaning

The terms and conditions of the dry-cleaning service correspond to the terms and conditions of the main services provided by the Laundry.

The deadline commitment for dry-cleaning is 72 hours from the time of order placement, which may vary depending on the quantity of the items to be repaired.

2.5. Own (in-house) services provided by the Laundry:

2.5.1. Washing and ironing of washable clothes, curtains, bed linen, and

2.5.2. Cleaning of flats and private houses.

The Laundry undertakes daily or weekly cleaning of flats and privates houses including cleaning of surfaces, kitchens, bathrooms, lavatories as well as complete general house cleaning.

3. Ordering of the services

3.1. The Customer shall place an order for service with the Laundry via telephone or on the website where the Customer shall determine the subject matter of the service as well as agrees with the representative of the Laundry on the place and time of handover.

The representative of the Laundry shall meet the Customer at the agreed place and time, where the Customer shall hand over the subject matter of the service for washing, dry-cleaning, ironing, carpet cleaning, shoe cleaning or shoe and clothing repairs services as well as any additional work supplementary to any such services. The representative of the Laundry shall take over the item to be cleaned and shall determine the quantity (quantitative acceptance); having assessed the quality (qualitative acceptance), the representative informs the Customer about the feasibility of the service.

3.1.1. The quantitative acceptance is defined by weight (in kgs) or by the number of items. The weight shall be measured with the certified scales possessed by the representative of the Laundry. The measurement shall happen in the presence of the Customer or its representative.

3.1.2. During the qualitative acceptance, the Customer shall inform the representative of the Laundry about tears or damage of the cloths and objects, or stubborn stains on them.

3.2. After the acceptance, the representative of the Laundry shall notify the Customer about the price of the service and shall mutually agree with the Customer about the deadline of performance.

This shall be followed by filling in the Washing protocol, which means that the parties enter into the service agreement.

The content of the Washing protocol:

– name, address and tax number of the Laundry;

– time of conclusion of the agreement (acceptance);

– ID number of the commitment;

– designation, quantity and weight of the accepted cloths;

– time of the performance of the service;

– quality observations and notices;

– price of the service.

At acceptance, all the errors that do not hinder the performance of the service shall be recorded in the Washing protocol. Such errors cannot form basis of a complaint when the cleaned clothes or other cleaned items are delivered. The Washing protocol shall be prepared in three copies, the Customer receives one copy, and two copies remain with the Laundry.

3.3. Refusal of service

The Laundry is entitled to refuse the commitment of the service, if:

– that is justified by lack of service capacity or technical conditions;

– the subject matter of the service is overly dirty, harmful to health, stenchy, disgusting, or contaminated with faeces;

– the condition of the subject matter of the service does not allow the performance of the service.

3.4. After the completion of the ordered service, the Laundry delivers back the subject matter of the service at the Customer’s address and hands it over to the representative of the Customer. The representative of the Customer shall sign one of the Laundry’s copies of the Washing protocol upon receipt, which serves as an acknowledgement of the receipt of the clothes.

4. The liability of the Laundry, warranty

4.1. The Laundry shall make all reasonable efforts to clean the entrusted clothes with the best possible results. In case of defective performance, the Laundry can be liable for warranty and damages claims. In case of a defective performance by the Laundry, the Customer shall prove that the defect emerged in the Laundry’s sphere of interest.

In case of defective performance, the Customer has a warranty claim for re-performance of the service. The Customer shall prove that the service was performed by the Laundry.

4.2. In case the cloths handed over to the Laundry cannot be returned (got lost, mixed up, stolen or destroyed in fire, etc.), the Laundry is liable for damages. An item can be regarded as lost in case the Customer submits a written inquiry and the item cannot be returned by the Laundry to the Customer within two days from acceptance.

4.3. In case an error is due to a hidden defect (e.g. production error, wear and tear, errors due to handling by the Customer, etc.), the Laundry has no liability. For production errors, the Customer may claim damages from the producer or distributor. In such cases, the Laundry provides expert advice as assistance.

4.4. Liability in case of uncleanable clothes

In case the representative of the Laundry determines that the subject matter of the service does not conform to the requirements of manageability or has no accompanying handling instructions, or the given item is not expected to tolerate cleaning, the representative shall warn the Customer that the requested service may cause damage to the piece of clothes. In case the Customer insists on the service after the warning, the cleaning shall be made at the risk of the Customer who shall acknowledge this in writing or orally.

4.5. The Laundry does not warranty for buttons, decorative elements (for breach, fading, merging, deformation, ungluing, loss due to tear of the thread, buttons fading due to effects of steam, etc.).

4.6. We notify our Customers that two types of labels are used in the commerce:

– composition labels (e.g. cotton, wool, silk, polyester/cotton, etc.);

– handling instruction labels.

The Laundry is not liable for any defective labels.

4.7. The Laundry’s liability for clothes with composition labels:

Handling instruction label AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE
Theft, fire, water damage, loss, mix-up, machine error, material moving, handling, transportation yes yes
Inappropriate handling yes no

Hidden defects (wear and tear, moth, acid stains,  ball pen inside the welt, etc.), side-stitching

no no
Dark colouring, coatings, trimming, wear and tear yes no
Fibrillations, stubborn stains no no
Fading of light colours, flow of painting yes no
Becoming felty yes yes

5. Damages

5.1. In case the Laundry is liable, it shall pay damages for the goods. The goal of the damages is to provide compensation for the value of the garment at the time of acceptance for cleaning. The Laundry shall consider the value of the item evidenced by the invoice issued at purchase. Such invoice has to be submitted by the Customer within 3 days from raising the compliant. In lack of an invoice, the value of mid-price garments of similar type and quality manufactured domestically shall be considered.

In case the value on the invoice submitted by the Customer is regarded by the Laundry as disproportionately excessive, or in case – in lack of an invoice – the Customer does not agree with the estimate of the Laundry, the Laundry shall consider an the expert opinion of an official appraiser.

5.2. The damages shall amount to the following percentages of the value of the item:

70% in case the item has been purchased within three months;

50% in case the item has been purchased within twenty-four months;

30% in case the item was purchased more than twenty-four months ago.

The amount of damages shall not exceed the value of the item.

5.3. In case a garment composed of several parts gets wholly or partially damaged or lost (multiple-part units, costumes, furniture cloth, sets of bed linen, etc.), damages for the whole composition are only possible if all of its parts were submitted for cleaning. Otherwise, the damages may only cover the particular element of the garment that was handed over.

5.4. The Laundry is not liable for damage in case the Customer does not request a thorough check of its clothes at the time of acceptance of the clothes for service, or hands over the clothes in one, unseparated large package to the representative of the Laundry.

5.5. Complaints

The Customer shall notify the Laundry about any complaint immediately after discovery of any error, but no later than 72 hours following the delivery. The parties shall amicably settle the potential complaints and a protocol about the complaint is to be prepared that shall be mutually signed by the Laundry and the Customer.

6. Late takeover

At acceptance of the clothes for service, the representative of the Laundry and the Customer mutually agree on the time of performance, which is binding on both parties. In case the Customer does not take over the subject matter of the service at the agreed time, or cancels the takeover within 4 hours before the agreed time, the Customer shall pay 1000 Ft as penalty fee for default. The Laundry has the right to waive the penalty payment in justified cases. The Laundry shall keep the clothes for 6 months after completion of the service in case the Customer does not check after them. Following the 6-month waiting time, the Laundry will offer the items that have not been taken over to charity organizations.

7. Personal data handling

The Laundry keeps and handles personal data only for the purpose of performance, feasibility and continuous improvement of the services as well as processes such data for the same reasons.

According to Section (3)(a) of §65 of the CXII. Act of 2011 on rights of information self-determination and freedom of information, the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information does not keep records for data protection purposes of the data handling that contains data of persons who are in customer relationships with the data controllers.