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Washing, ironing, deep cleaning and a wide range of cleaning services with a door to door delivery in Debrecen.

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We help you focus those on things, which are important to you. We do washing, ironing and a wide range of cleaning services in Debrecen.
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Even you are using a single service or any of our packages, we will be right on time and you get everything back within 24 hours.
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We have packages, which can suit the most of you. Our prices are in hand with high quality services. Check and order yours!
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Order any of our services here or you can call us on +36-30/750-5050, cleanliness awaits.
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We will go to pick up your stuff, measure its weight and carry them in a basket for cleaning.
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We clean and repair your clothes, shoes and carpets using excellent tools and professionals.
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Your cleaned, repaired items will be delivered to the agreed location at the agreed time.
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We make it easier for you.

Our work is characterized by precision and reliability. We are here for you with modern tools, efficient cleaning products and a professional team!
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Fastest laundry service in Debrecen

You can bring your stuff to us, but you don’t have to. We will go to you and pick it up and after the cleaning we will bring it back to you within 24 hours.

Delivery within 24 hour
Given information during process
Donations accepted
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Washing - Ironing - Cleaning

For most cleaning tasks, we have our methods, procedures and the right tools to do the perfect job.

We are the washing machine
We are the ironer
We are the dryer
You only have to wear it
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Harmony and Efficiency

We work as family, in harmony. Each of our colleagues has many years of experience in this field so there is no impossible task.

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Guarantees at best

Everything will be perfectly clean, but if you are not satisfied with our work, we will clean everything again for free! Furthermore, you are important to us, thus your clothes are washed separately from others.

100% Satisfaction
Separate clothes washing


Cleaned item! Take a look on our work!

Doing your laundry in Debrecen since 2015.

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Pricing and Packages

Use our magic to keep everything clean!

Everything can shine! You, your clothes, your home and office too.

Services, tailored to your needs.

Services, packages, for private persons and businesses. Everything you’ll ever need! Find the one which suits you the most!

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Washing & Ironing - from

3.990 Ft/2kg

Popular service

Separate clothes washing
Clothes are separated by color
Wrinkle free clothes
Sterilization with steam
Delivered back within 24 hour
Guarantees apply
Full package


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Folding and Packing

They show their laundry the finger

We get the dirty job done. They know it!

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A masszás szalonomban sok a törölköző, viszont helyhiány miatt sajnos mosógép nem fér be, így a mosásra megoldást kellett találnom. Sok keresgélés után találtam meg a Wishy Washy mosodát, és 100%-osan elégedett vagyok!😊 A fiatalember mindig nagyon pontos, megbízható, és kedves, a munkájuk pedig fantasztikus, az illatokkal együtt. 😊 Hálás vagyok nekik és rendszeresen, örömmel veszem igénybe a szolgáltatást! Köszönöm ! 🤗

Szokolai Zsuzsanna
from facebook.com

Best Service in Debrecen!
Highly recommended to everyone in need for housekeeping. 🙂💯

Akash Batt
from facebook.com

Szupergyorsak: tegnap este megrendeltem a tisztítást, ma délután már fel is terítettem, s szebb, mint új korában:) Köszi!

Klára Pappné Vencsellői
from facebook.com

They clean all you want and more!!! they are really nice cleaners and every penny is worth it.👍🏾👍🏾

Joy Idizi Augustine
from facebook.com

They offer a great variety of services from house keeping to dry cleaning they even come pick up the laundry if requested their prices are great and they have good student discounts highly recommended

Adam Farhat
from google.com

Nagyon jó kis cég, pontosak, profik,becsületesek!Szívből ajánlom őket! 🙂

Orsolya Bogár
from facebook.com

Cheap, quick, reliable. and very student friendly

Tamuno Miebaka
from facebook.com

Cipőtisztítás és -javítás ügyben már bizonyítottak! Egy nem túl drága cipő áráért lett 8 pár ``új`` cipőm és egy táskám! Nehezen tisztítható velúr lábbelik, leváló talpak és kibicsaklott cipzárak igazán jó kezekben vannak náluk. Köszönöm!

Anita Jóljárt
from facebook.com

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