Possible washing mistakes to avoid

Possible washing mistakes to avoid

The most common mistakes you can make while washing, but knowing them, you will definitely not do them.

Despite the fact that the washing machine does most of the work, there are still quite a few mistakes that you can run into during washing and your clothes will not love them.

Washing can often seem like an endless task and many people try to ‘avoid it’ or ‘make it quick’ as possible. However, anyone can easily make mistakes that drastically reduce the life of the clothes and the washing machine itself.

Can everything be put in the washing machine?

It may be easier to throw something (or everything) in the washing machine than to send it to the dry cleaner (unless your time is more valuable, because then it’s definitely worth it), but some clothes shouldn’t be washed in a washing machine. Very sensitive materials cannot withstand the shaking and tossing of the washing machine, and it is not good for them if they soaked in water for too long. Therefore, before washing, it is worth checking how each piece of clothing should be washed, and always look for the relevant information on the label. Clothes labeled with a ‘P’ must definitely be dry-cleaned!

The washing machine washes, okay, but is it clean?

You might think that the washing machine will also be cleaner during each wash and does not require separate cleaning, but this is not the case. A washing machine does not only assembled with the main filling area where we put our clothes, so it is worth taking the time to clean the main parts regularly. If possible, remove the filter or detergent dispenser and clean them thoroughly. A lot and various chemical residues can accumulate in the pipes, which not only reduces the efficiency of washing, but also shortens the life of the washing machine. While there are many different cleaning agents or powders available in stores, simple household vinegar and a high-temperature wash can do a clean job once in a while to secure a more cleaner washing machine.

The more the better?

Many people still have the misconception that the more detergent and/or fabric softener they use, the better, because it will make our clothes cleaner and smell better. However, the reality is that even the smallest amount is enough to properly clean clothes and the excess can accumulate in our clothes or in our washing machine. This sticky chemical can also slowly damage clothes and machinery as well.


Most of the time it’s not worth it to save time


We don’t need to prewash our clothes, right?

Stains can be acquired in every home and workplace or on the street as well. The easiest way to remove them is to treat them before washing (for example, with a soak or stain remover), but of course it depends on the stain we got. The sooner we treat the stains, the more effectively we can remove them. There are some impurities that cannot be removed by washing without a thorough prewash. So, to avoid repeated washing and getting nervous, it’s worth taking time for this too or asking for professional help (such as a mother, mother-in-law or a competent people… khm 🙂 ).

If you definitely don't want to make a mistake

and also don’t spend your precious time on this, we can help!

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